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Fusion Tool Prototype software utility - Academic License


The Fusion Tool Prototype software package includes an example implementation of the Molecular Image Fusion framework in the form of a command line utility that can be used to fuse user-provided data sets. The package also includes a multi-modal data set (IMS-microscopy on mouse brain) to enable immediate experimentation. The Fusion Tool Prototype software package Non-Exclusive Academic Software License Agreement is available free of charge ONLY to those individuals who have a full-time academic appointment at a non-profit academic and/or research institution.

If the Fusion Tool Prototype software package or its example data are used in a publication, cite Van de Plas R., Yang J., Spraggins J. & Caprioli R.M., Image fusion of mass spectrometry and microscopy: a multimodality paradigm for molecular tissue mapping, Nature Methods, advanced online publication (doi:10.1038/nmeth.3296).


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    Fusion Tool Prototype software utility: Academic License Agreement.

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